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For questions and inquiries regarding any RFPs or Bids, and to be put on the email list for notifications regarding these RFPs, please email [email protected]



The public opening for PINCO's 2023-2024 RFPs will be held

April 13, 2023 @ 1:00 pm

PINCO Service Center
3019 16th St 
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Please see bid forms for submission requirements.


PINCO's Best Value Scoring Matrix can be found here.



PINCO RFP #01-23-24 USDA Processed & Purchased Poultry Products

PINCO RFP #02-23-24 USDA Processed & Purchased Beef Products

PINCO RFP #03-23-24 USDA Processed & Purchased Pork Products

PINCO RFP #05-23-24 Purchased Products to PINCO


PART II - Required Documentation to be Submitted With Bid





The Policy Memo provides a listing and explanation of the information required for all RFP submissions and required signature documentation acknowledging qualification requirements.




  • Non-Collusion Affidavit
  • Contractor's Certificate Regarding Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
  • Contractor's Certificate Regarding Drug-Free Workpalce
  • Employment Clearance - Department of Justice
  • Suspension and Debarment Certification - USDA
  • Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
  • Certification Regarding Lobbying
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance



To request past RFP information, please contact Joe Cook at [email protected].



1. Will a recap of the RFP be available?  If we attend the RFP Opening, will we have access to other vendor’s RFPs to photocopy or write down information?

Answer: Recaps of the PINCO RFPs will be available for review after awards have been approved by the AVUHSD’s Board of Education.   Upon Request, PINCO will email scanned PDF copies of all the responses per category.  We do not allow reps to handle any submitted paperwork from other entities.


3. If you are to request samples, how long would a manufacturer have to provide them to you?

Answer: If requested, vendors will have approximately 7-10 working days to provide the samples needed. 


4. Will responses to questions come back in an email or an amendment to all who have received a copy of your RFP?  Is there a deadline for you to reply/answer questions?

Answer: Responses to questions will be posted on PINCO’s website.  You will be able to view answers to your questions, as well as questions submitted by other respondents.   There is no deadline regarding questions to any of the RFPs or language.


5. Will the RFP be provided in any alternate formats?

Answer: Upon request, we can provide the "RESPONSE FORM" for each bid in Word.  The entire RFP is not available in any other format than PDF, please email [email protected] for any questions.


6. Can any additional products be added as “alternates” or “like” items?

Answer: To ensure fidelity in current PINCO agreements, we will only assess responses of “like” items in each category.  Please respond to any bid/RFP where there is an item/product similar to those identified for consideration.  We will not accept any items submitted by vendors that do not directly relate to the line item(s) listed.  Alternate brands can be added as long as it is of a “like item”.   Items that are included on the RFP that do not relate directly to the items being requested will not be considered.


7. The Policy Memorandum includes a reference to a USDA policy from 1987.  Is this the most current requirements from the USDA?

Answer: We didn’t remove Policy #87-404 since there was no difference in the overall mandate expectations as the version dated November 2014.


9.  On the cover page, the section where the package list consists of the following:
With the following required documents in the “RESPONSE PART 2” Packet with required signatures: 

• On the Policy Memorandum #87-404 page – there is not a specific place to “sign” – does it matter where I have this signed?

Answer: No, it does not matter. We are asking you to acknowledge the requirements regarding the nutritional statements and include the specs, nutritionals, end product data sheets with the response.


10. Under the RFP Instructions - #2 Signature: you state RFPs must be signed showing the firm’s name by an authorized “officer” – do you need verification to be returned showing our signer is actually an officer?

Answer: No, verification is not required.


11. Under the RFP Submittal Check Off List Section: *Documents required to complete RFP packet for submittal section:

• Whole Grain Documentation Formulation Sheet As Applicable (Does this mean, if a code is CN Labeled – I do not need to supply?) (If a code is NOT Cn Labeled I do need to supply?)

Answer: You still need to supply all appropriate documentation to enable the co-op to make a determination on compliance with state and federal nutritional guidelines. The Whole Grain Product Formulation Statement (PFS) provides important information that is not currently required on a CN label. Our member districts need Whole Grain PFS information for the new crediting standards for grains outlined in “Policy Memorandum SP 30-2012 Grain Requirements for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program”. Under the Pinco Best Value Point System, product where the Whole Grain Documentation Formulation Statement is applicable needs to have the Whole Grain Product Formulation Statement included. Best Value Points will be assessed accordingly.

12. Special Conditions - #18 Equal Opportunity Employment Act of 1975.

• What are you expecting to have returned to you for this section?

Answer: Nothing needs to be added. By signing the RFP documents the authorized signer attest that this statement is true.


13. Special Conditions – Acting Agent: You list there are 25 School Districts that form the PINCO Cooperative.

• Can a list of these 25 School Districts be supplied to me?

 Answer: PINCO Members 23/24 SY

  • Acton-Agua Dulce S.D.
  • Alisal Union School District
  • Antelope Valley High S.D
  • Bakersfield City School District
  • Big Pine Unified School District
  • Bishop Unified S.D.
  • Delano Joint Union High S.D.
  • Earlimart Elementary S.D.
  • Eastside Elementary S.D.
  • El Tejon Union S.D.
  • Keppel School District
  • Kernville School District
  • Lamont School District
  • Lancaster School District
  • Lone Pine School District
  • Lost Hills School District
  • McFarland Unified S.D. 
  • Mojave Unified School District
  • Richland School District 
  • South Fork Union S.D. 
  • Taft City School District
  • Taft Union High School District
  • Tehachapi School District
  • Westside School District
  • Wisona School District


14. Your pricing pages. 

• Can these be provided in an Excel format?

Answer: Yes, you may provide them printed in Excel format. 


15. Contractor’s Certificate Regarding Drug-Free Workplace page:

• Do I need to supply you with any verification for this page or just need to have this signed & dated?

Answer: Nothing needs to be added. But the authorized signer must sign the statement included in “Part 2.”


16. Notice to all Contractors and Subcontractors – Subject: Employment Clearance – Department of Justice page:

Bottom Paragraph states: I have attached a list of employees from my company who may come in contact with pupils at any school site.

• Are you only needing their “names” or do you also need contact information?

• Can these be typed in under the signature line or do you need these listed on our letterhead?

Answer: Nothing needs to be added. Please do not send a list of your employees. In general, your employees would only come into contact with our warehouse employees. But the authorized signer must still sign the statement included in “Part 2”.

17. Do all pages of the RFP and part 2 need to returned or only those that have signatures, along with the pricing and nutritional information?

Answer: Yes, all pages should be returned. If something does not apply, please mark: N/A, sign and date.

18. Do you ONLY need an original RFP returned OR do you need any additional copies and or a flash drive?

Answer: Original RFP with all requested documents and original wet signatures or electronic signatures. No document storage device is needed.


19.  Under Line 19 in Special Conditions, PINCO requires a 50% shelf life. If the vendor cannot guarantee 50% shelf-life, will the response still be considered?

Answer:  Yes. PINCO understands that technology and production methods have allowed processors to extend shelf-life. This notwithstanding, PINCO expects processors to provide products as close to their manufacturer-date allowing PINCO to effectively manage inventories through an annual cycle. Anything less than 50% shelf life will be considered in Best Value Scoring under Flavor and Quality.

 20. Do you accept RFPs with electronic signatures or do they have to be signed with a wet signature to be accepted?

 Answer: We accept both electronic and wet signatures

21.  Do you accept bids for line items on commodity processed bids with only commercial pricing available, or must the bid include both commodity and commercial pricing?

Answer: Our response page requests that both pricing options are made available where applicable. We accept both commercial and commodity processed items.