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PINCO, Partners in Nutrition Cooperative, is the only self-managed Co-Operative USDA Receiving Agency and Purchasing Group in California. Each Member District assigns its earned NSLP entitlement into PINCO’s single-bank inventory.  Direct delivery commodities are scheduled strategically to arrive throughout the year. Diverted commodities are ordered, received, stored and delivered to Member Districts’ schools on-demand to meet their sponsorship and participation needs. Member Districts utilize this website designed to manage inventories, source agreements and resource materials involving their USDA Foods. PINCO Representatives sit on CDE’s Food Distribution Program’s Advisory Committee. This engagement in addition to serving the American Commodity Distribution Association (ACDA) on various Sub-committees provides PINCO a direct conduit of information and clarity to facilitate the needs of PINCO’s constituents and vendors.

PINCO maintains an active and healthy relationship with CDE’s Resource Management Unit (RMU). PINCO works directly with the RMU assisting Member Districts with all reporting and documentation required under NSLP sponsorship. PINCO Staff works closely with Member Districts to track commodities at the processor to reduce staffing demands on Member District’s nutrition and business services departments. PINCO’s ongoing financial management and accounting activities are overseen by the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). PINCO follows its Governing District’s fiscal policies to ensure fidelity in its business activities.

Over 60% of PINCO’s membership comprises of Districts less than two percent of its “fair-share” of PINCO’s $6.1 million USDA Foods entitlement (2024-2025). This composition, along with equal voting rights provides a comprehensive dynamic in PINCO’s decision making and creates a positive and collaborative working environment.


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Mission Statement

To ensure that member districts receive quality products at the lowest prices through competitive bidding, volume buying, and single drop orders; optimizing maximum efficiency in purchasing, warehousing, and distribution with centralized management and control.